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Vendori Announces the Launch of Its No-Code CPQ Platform

Vendori's No-Code deal-making platform brings control and velocity To B2B technology sales processes.



Vendori, Inc. today announces the launch of its new platform to simplify B2B technology selling and subscription management with a no-code CPQ and deal-making platform. Vendori integrates seamlessly with its customers' existing IT stacks to provide complex quoting and transacting solutions without any custom implementation or coding.

With the Vendori platform, customers can easily configure and manage their products, quotes, approval workflows, channel partners, commercial policies, discount programs, promotions and more - all without any developer involvement. Vendori was designed to address challenges in the B2B technology industry, including poor pricing practices, quote approvals, data management, auto-renewals, and commercial policy centralization.

"Our ultimate goal with Vendori is to simplify our customers' transacting experience so they can focus on what really matters - doing better deals," said Founder and CEO Ethan Garonzik. "With decades of combined experience in the CPQ and B2B technology industries, our team is uniquely positioned to address today's complex sales environment and provide a seamless dealmaking experience."

By integrating all elements of B2B transactions into a single platform, Vendori injects control and velocity into companies' sales process. Real-time pricing rules provide immediate feedback to sellers, while managers can structure and communicate commercial policies and quote approval chains through the app's workflow manager. Resellers and channel partners are provided with a secure and customizable quoting portal to ensure data integrity and rapid channel selling. Lastly, Vendori's subscription management capabilities provide full contract amendment flexibility, auto-renewal opportunity generation, and more.

Visit www.vendori.com for more information today. 

Contact Information:
Phil Naess-Gross
Head of Sales
[email protected]
(617) 882-7782

Ethan Garonzik
[email protected]
(917) 836-0218

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