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Furnace Record Pressing Announces New Chief Executive Officer

Furnace Record Pressing announces the appointment of Ali Miller as Chief Executive Officer Color Vinyl Furnace Record Pressing is a global leader...

Animaccord and Crypto Global United Join Forces to Shape the Future of Digital Entertainment (and Launch MASHAVERSE)

MASHAVERSE: A Revolutionary Entertainment Metaverse for All Ages MASHAVERSE Is Here DUBAI, Arab Emirates, February...

Hidden Hills Club at the Wynn Las Vegas for Valentine’s Day Extravaganza

Hidden Hills Club, Hosting the First of its kind Love & Lifestyle Event, in the Wynn Hotel Vegas

Hidden Hills Club at the Wynn Las Vegas for Valentine’s Day Extravaganza
Hidden Hills Club

Models at an exclusive Hidden Hills Club event

Get ready to elevate your Valentine's Day experience to the highest level imaginable. We're thrilled to announce that Hidden Hills Club, the epitome of California's lifestyle, is teaming up with Justin Zhao at the Wynn Nightlife in Las Vegas for an unprecedented celebration of love and lifestyle on February 14th, from 10:30PM to 4AM. This exclusive event promises an unforgettable fusion of world-class entertainment, and unparalleled luxury, all set against the dazzling backdrop of the Las Vegas Strip.

Picture this: the lights of the Wynn illuminating the night sky, the pulsating beats of internationally renowned DJ Dillon Francis filling the air, and you, surrounded by the finest products known to man, courtesy of Hidden Hills Club. It's a Valentine's Day extravaganza, unlike anything you've ever experienced before.

Hidden Hills Club isn't just any brand – it's the ultimate symbol of sophistication and style. Our premium products are the go-to choice for celebrities and tastemakers alike, setting the standard for quality and excellence in the industry. And now, we're bringing that same level of luxury to the heart of Sin City, where the lights shine brightest and dreams come to life.

But that's not all. Joining us for this spectacular event are some of the most iconic names in the industry, including Plug N Play, Packwoods, LA Traffic, and Big Chief. Together, we're redefining what it means to indulge in the finer things in life.

This collaboration with Justin Zhao at the Wynn Nightlife represents a groundbreaking moment for Hidden Hills Club and the lifestyle industry. So, mark your calendars and prepare to embark on a journey of self-discovery, connection, and pure indulgence. This Valentine's Day, treat yourself to an experience unlike any other, where every moment is an opportunity to celebrate life and love.

Guests must be 21+ with valid ID to enter this prestigious event. For those looking to take their experience to the next level, a limited number of VIP tables with bottle service are available by contacting event rep Justin Zhao directly via text/call at (805) 358-1288.

Can't make it to the Valentine's event? Don’t worry. Hidden Hills Club and our esteemed partners will also be making waves at the Champs Trade Show from February 14th to 17th at the Las Vegas Convention Center, booth #3181. Join us as we celebrate at the largest counterculture expo in the world.

For more information on the Hidden Hills & Friends Valentine's celebration and Champs, visit us at https://hiddenhillsclub.com. Let the countdown to the ultimate lifestyle experience begin.

IG handles: @hiddenhillsclub @hiddenhillsclub_ @justin.lasvegas

Contact Information:
Public Relations Marketing Manager
[email protected]
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Hidden Hills Club
Hidden Hills Club

Models at an exclusive Hidden Hills Club event

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Hold for Bernadette — This is a Test

Bernadette's test

Hold for Bernadette — This is a Test
Go Raptors

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 7, 2023 / SKYX Platforms Corp. (NASDAQ:SKYX) (d/b/a "Sky Technologies") SKYX, a highly disruptive platform technology company with over 60 issued and pending patents globally with a mission to make homes and buildings become safe and smart as the new standard, announced today that it signed a definitive acquisition agreement to acquire Belami, an established, profitable, strategic lighting and home décor e-commerce conglomerate with $86 million in revenues and 64 websites.

The acquisition of the strategic e-commerce lighting and home décor conglomerate will serve SKYX as a marketing and growth platform that is expected to advance SKYX's business plan by years, provide several distribution channels including to retail customers, builders and professionals, as well as significantly enhance gross margins of SKYX's products.

The acquisition payments will include a total of up to 5,223,991 shares of SKYX's common stock and $8 million in cash at close that has been fully funded by two major existing SKYX investors, with an additional $4 million deferred cash payment one year after close.

The shares portion will include 2,018,692 restricted shares that will be delivered to Belami selling shareholders at close and an additional payment of up to 2,233,331 restricted shares that will be delivered to selling shareholders 1 year after close. Delivered shares are subject to lockouts and leak out provisions. In addition, SKYX has agreed to issue post-closing, 498,445 restricted stock units, 473,523 restricted shares, and options to purchase 300,000 shares of common stock to Belami's employees, consultants and management. The equity portion of the acquisition reflects a total of $16 million. SKYX has made a $1 million deposit to an escrow account at signing.

SKYX has also agreed to assume Belami's loan agreement with PNC Bank, National Association, consisting of a $2.0 million available revolving line of credit and a term loan of approximately $2.5 million.

In relation to this acquisition, on February 6, 2023, SKYX has closed a private placement offering of convertible notes, subject to acquisition closing, in the aggregate principal amount of $8.1 million, with 50% warrant coverage to a major SKYX investor that has invested over $6.0 million in this private placement. The private placement offering was led by two existing investors. The acquisition has been approved by SKYX's board of directors and is expected to close in the coming months, subject to closing conditions.

Rani Kohen, Founder and Executive Chairman of SKYX Platforms, said: "We believe that the signing of this strategic e-commerce acquisition agreement will take our business years ahead of plan as well as serve as a tremendous marketing platform that will enhance the education and awareness of the safety aspects and smart features of our award-winning plug and play ceiling products. Additionally, we expect it will significantly accelerate distribution of our products to both retail and professional channels."

About SKYX Platforms Corp.

As electricity is a standard in every home and building, our mission is to make homes and buildings become safe-advanced and smart as the standard.

Contact Information:
Bernadette Lee
[email protected]

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Award-Winning Journalist Claudia Lombana Shares Special Gifts to Inspire for Valentine’s Day on TipsOnTV

Consumer Shopping Expert on Surprising Offers from the Heart

Award-Winning Journalist Claudia Lombana Shares Special Gifts to Inspire for Valentine’s Day on TipsOnTV
Claudia Lombana

Lombana shares her favorite Valentine's Day gift ideas.

Each Valentine’s Day, people give their significant other special gifts to show love and appreciation. Most "lovers" have great intentions to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts, but often wait too long and wind up getting gifts that fail to express true feelings. Award-winning journalist, Claudia Lombana, shares some unique and special gift suggestions. Learn the thought process behind the gift recommendations from this nationally renowned shopping expert. Claudia also explains strategies for making this an especially happy holiday.


Everyone wants to learn new ways to express their love, which is why Rosetta Stone makes the perfect gift to give a meaningful experience to that special someone. They offer a Lifetime Unlimited subscription, which includes access to learning in 25 languages forever to never run out of ways to say, "I love you." It is great if a significant other loves to travel, connect with family or roots, or wants a hobby they can do from home. Now, Rosetta Stone is on sale for 50 percent off. Get a lifetime subscription for under $200. Get Rosetta Stone and plan a romantic vacation to test out new skills. For more information, visit www.rosettastone.com.


This Valentine’s Day, celebrate love and well-being with MaryRuth’s Organics, a unique gift that expresses affection in a health-conscious way. Its new liquid multivitamins are available in flavors like Coconut Dream and Peach Mango, which are all vegan and sugar-free. They offer the same format as the bestselling liquid morning multivitamin with new flavors and multiple essential nutrients, including formulas for nighttime and hair growth. Find it at The Vitamin Shoppe or VitaminShoppe.com, the leading destination for lifelong wellness solutions. 


This year, do not just buy a card - create a special one with Adobe Express. Adobe Express is perfect for creating cards, videos, or themed social media content to send to a Valentine and Galentine this year. Choose from thousands of beautifully designed templates to spread the love, making it the perfect way to flex creative skills and impress a crush. Using a simple text description, the new AI-powered Adobe Express will bring a unique design to life and create the perfect card for any loved one. Or use the new Drawing and Painting features to give a digital card a hand-drawn, personalized look for that extra special someone. For more information, visit www.adobe.com/express.


Wearables are always a popular gift, so this Valentine’s Day, reach health and fitness goals with Venu 3 GPS smartwatches from Garmin. These smartwatches feature extensive fitness insights, a beautiful AMOLED touchscreen display and an impressive 10-day battery life. Plus, when paired with a smartphone, it can make and take calls right from the wrist. With more than 30 built-in sports apps, personalized sleep insights and nap detection, Venu 3 is an on-wrist coach designed to support anyone. Best of all, it is $50 off for Valentine’s Day. For more information, visit www.garmin.com.


About TipsOnTV 

TipsOnTV covers a variety of topics, including food, entertaining, personal finance, technology, travel, health, lifestyle and more.

Contact Information:
[email protected]

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Freedom Libraries Open at Maryland Youth and Adult Detention and Correctional Facilities

National non-profit Freedom Reads opens Freedom Libraries at Cheltenham Youth Detention Center, the Charles H. Hickey Jr. School, and Dorsey Run Correctional Facility; literary performances presented at three youth det...

Bob Marley: One Love Valentine’s Day Premiere at Star Cinema Grill to Feature Bayou City Hemp and 8th Wonder THC-Seltzers

Bayou City Hemp and 8th Wonder Products Will Be Available for a Limited Time at All Eight Cinemas Throughout Southeast Texas Beginning Feb. 14 ...

James Mastro Releases Unifying Single/Video ‘My God’ Ahead of New Album

Hoboken-based rock/Americana singer-songwriter-guitarist James Mastro (The Bongos, Health & Happiness Show) has released a beautiful, unifying single/video, "My god," the third single from his forthcoming debut solo album Dawn of a New Error via MPress Records. The track/video premiered in M Music & Musicians Magazine.

"My god" harkens back to John Lennon's universal call for peace and tolerance with its memorable musical hooks, direct lyrics and simple, strong melody. Mastro sings: I guess your god must look like mine/Because god is love and love is blind/I guess my god and yours are one/Just different names under the sun. The song features Mastro on vocals and acoustic & electric guitars; Tony Shanahan (Patti Smith) on bass, Wurlitzer piano, Mellotron, and synthesizer; and the late, beloved Louie Appel on drums and tambourine.

Watch the "My god" Video HERE
Pre-save the album Dawn Of A New Error HERE

About the song and video, Mastro explains, "'My god' deals with a universal concept on an individual level. Everyone has – and should be entitled to – their own beliefs. No matter what country or language a belief may be rooted in, one theme that runs through them all is that of right or wrong, good or bad. I felt having the video translated into eleven different languages was important in getting this view across, making it more poignant when seen through the 'eyes' of another nationality.

"Every face in this video is truly beautiful. With eyes closed – curtains drawn – you imagine what they are dreaming. With eyes open, the light pours out and you see the similarity along with the differences coexisting peacefully. These people are all in my neighborhood - some I know well, some not so much. But I know that if I fell down on the street, they wouldn't stop to ask me what religion I was or who I voted for before helping me back up on my feet. That is at the core of this song and video."

Dawn of a New Error marks the return of James Mastro to the front and center as singer and songwriter. Featuring guest vocals by Ian Hunter and produced by Tony Shanahan – best known as Patti Smith’s bassist, co-producer and musical collaborator – the songs were recorded whenever Mastro and Shanahan found time to get together, between Shanahan's work with Smith and Mastro's work with Hunter and other projects. Noteworthy drummers on the record include the late Louie Appel (Southside Johnny), Brian Griffin (Brandi Carlile, Black Crowes), Steve Goulding (The Mekons, Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe), and Bill Dubrow (Yoko Ono, Linda Thompson). The album was recorded and mixed by Grammy® nominee James Frazee (Patti Smith, Sharon Van Etten, Marshall Crenshaw), and mastered by the legendary Greg Calbi.

Head to jamesmastro.net for upcoming tour dates. 

Website | Facebook | Instagram

For more information, please contact:
Jill Richmond-Johnson | [email protected] | 212-481-7243

Contact Information:
Jill Richmond Johnson
Publicity Director
[email protected]
(212) 481-7243

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Readymag Unveils ‘Navigating Career’, a Web Special Exploring Career Challenges in the Design Industry

Insights from a dozen design pros, spiced up with AI imagery

Readymag, a design tool for creating outstanding websites, is launching a new collaboration with You Creative Media, a dynamic creative course and resource platform. Titled "Navigating career: Designers’ milestones", Readymag created a visual editorial that delves into the challenges that professionals confront in the design industry.

Drawing from exclusive interviews and real-life experiences of esteemed design experts such as Veronica Fuerte, Cat How, Beth Wilson, Vitaly Friedman, Felix Lee, Andy Chung, Leandro Assis, and others, the editorial aims to provide guidance as well as a unique perspective on these challenges. 

“Design careers, like many professional paths, are rarely straightforward journeys to success,” says Tatiana Kovalchuk, Readymag’s editor-in-chief. “They are often marked by a series of unexpected setbacks that one must either overcome or step away from. With this in mind, in collaboration with You Creative Media, we've designed this editorial to focus on the pivotal moments in a design career and the typical challenges faced by design professionals, particularly those at a mid-weight level or higher. “

The project explores a spectrum of topics such as transitioning into leadership roles, handling workplace conflicts, launching a design enterprise, dealing with burnout, navigating challenging client relationships, establishing a business with close associates, undertaking pro bono work, and more. Veronica Fuerte, Founder and Creative Directress of Hey Studio, shares her perspective in one of the project’s features: "Design is a discipline that almost everybody has an opinion on because it’s easy to have an opinion, so we see our work as guiding and educating people."

Amber Weaver, Director and Founder of You Creative Media, adds: “Learning the specific, high-value creative skills expected by businesses can be a challenge to identify and achieve. The cost of a formal education may be inaccessible for you at this point, or perhaps the one you took wasn’t worth the price tag it came with. You can feel depleted and fearful of not being able to make your dream of becoming a designer your full-time career. Creatives should have access to the right tools and practical resources to develop professionally without breaking the bank. That’s why it’s been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with Readymag on this partnership to help serve our creative community.”

The web special is accomplished with 17 AI illustrations created under the creative direction of Readymag's designer, Tatiana Egoshina. 

Readymag is a design tool that helps create websites, landing pages and all kinds of digital publications without coding. It offers advanced animations and interactions, 5,000+ free fonts with complete control over typography, plus teamwork and analytics. 

You Creative Media is a platform dedicated to learning, skill development, and professional growth. Its flexible creative course and resource platform caters to aspiring and established creatives seeking to acquire or enhance skills that are in demand in the industry. 

Contact Information:
Alisa Kusti
Communications Manager
[email protected]

Original Source: Readymag Unveils 'Navigating Career', a Web Special Exploring Career Challenges in the Design Industry

GroupFi: Pioneering the Future of Web3 Communication With Its Upcoming Public Alpha Release

GroupFi is set to redefine communication in the Web3 era with its public alpha release, introducing unique features like free Web3 Social Identity creation and diverse group interactions, aligning with users' diverse needs across various decentralized applications.

In an exciting development poised to redefine the Web3 landscape, GroupFi (groupfi.ai) announces the launch of its public alpha test, slated for later this month. As the first-of-its-kind 100% on-chain, free Web3 messaging protocol, GroupFi is introducing revolutionary features like Token & NFT group functionalities, setting a new benchmark in the realm of decentralized communication.

Innovative Beginnings with GroupFi’s Trollbox

GroupFi's pioneering feature, the trollbox, exemplifies the company’s commitment to innovation. Seamlessly integrable into any decentralized application (dApp), it aims to fill a vital gap in the Web3 ecosystem by enhancing user interaction within dApps. This initiative addresses the critical challenge of limited user engagement metrics in Web3 dApps, positioning GroupFi as a transformative force in decentralized user experience.

Alpha Testing Insights: Paving the Way for User-Centric Features

The internal alpha test of GroupFi witnessed enthusiastic engagement from 99 users, providing crucial insights into the platform's capabilities and user preferences. A focal point of this test was the distribution of the GroupFi OG NFT, enabling users to explore NFT groups and utilize free on-chain messaging. The feedback underscored:

  • Unanimous interest in integrating GroupFi's trollbox within users' favorite dApps.
  • Key advantages highlighted by users included:
    • 52.4% for ease of access within dApps.
    • 19% for native token/NFT channels.
    • 14.3% for the platform’s commitment to decentralization.
    • 14.3% for cross-app chatting functionality.

The Public Alpha Test: A Leap Forward

The imminent public alpha test promises to unveil a suite of new features aimed at enriching user interaction and connectivity. These include the creation of free Web3 Social Identity, a novel hyperlink function, and an intuitive message quoting feature. Additionally, the public alpha test will broaden the scope of community interaction with the introduction of diverse group functionalities. Users will have the opportunity to engage in NFT groups, Token groups, and Whale Token Groups, catering to various asset scales and interests.

GroupFi’s adaptability across different dApps will enable each platform to offer distinct group experiences, tailored to their unique user communities. This underscores GroupFi’s dedication to enhancing the relevance and appeal of groups within their respective ecosystems.

Future Prospects: GroupFi’s Beta Version

With its eyes set on continuous innovation, GroupFi’s Beta version, expected in Q2 2024, plans to achieve Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility. This strategic move is anticipated to facilitate GroupFi’s entry into various ecosystems, further cementing its position as a frontrunner in the Web3 messaging domain.

Concluding Thoughts

GroupFi stands at the vanguard of revolutionizing Web3 communication, offering a more interconnected, decentralized, and user-focused experience. The eagerly awaited public alpha release marks a new chapter in the evolution of decentralized communication platforms, underlining GroupFi's commitment to redefining the way users interact in the Web3 space.

Contact Information:
Garrett Jin
Cofounder of GroupFi
[email protected]

Original Source: GroupFi: Pioneering the Future of Web3 Communication With Its Upcoming Public Alpha Release GroupFi: Pioneering the Future of Web3 Communication With Its Upcoming Public Alpha Release
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