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SOFTwarfare Unveils Latest Authentication Platform for the Enterprise at RSA 2023

Zero Trust Identity™ empowers enterprises to extend identity verification to endpoints network-wide

SOFTwarfare®, the leading provider of identity-based authentication solutions, today announced the product launch of Zero Trust Identity™, a CMMC compliant authentication platform for integrations, identities, and devices for the enterprise, at the 2023 RSA Conference in San Francisco. The launch marks the first of SOFTwarfare's defense-grade authentication solutions now available for the commercial sector. 

As organizations modernize and digitize, the number of applications, users, and endpoints accessing and transferring information increases exponentially, leaving organizations vulnerable to data breaches, bad actors, and cyberattacks. Cybersecurity standards and regulations currently mandated for U.S. government entities and contractors are being translated to the commercial sector at both the federal and state level and will begin enactment as early as summer 2023. With Zero Trust Identity, SOFTwarfare aims to assist those enterprises with complex access management programs and requirements to proactively implement strong authentication controls to secure their business and ease regulatory change management challenges. 

"Zero Trust Identity was built for the commercial sector using the security principles and requirements of NIST and CMMC," said Wyatt Cobb, founder and CEO at SOFTwarfare. "Zero Trust Identity has met and exceeded authentication requirements whether you're securing a healthcare enterprise, a level one payment vendor, an OT network or a DoD weapons system. Our goal is to help enterprises meet these requirements efficiently and effectively." 

Zero Trust Identity™ delivers the security and flexibility for identity, device, and API integrations needed to accommodate this complex and constantly evolving business environment while simplifying the end-user experience. The platform strengthens data security and privacy by providing user identity verification for each user, network connection, and device on a per-session basis. 

Zero Trust Identity distributes and enforces identity network-wide. The platform integrates with existing access management systems to leverage organizational access policies and data, translating that to every endpoint. Using Zero Trust Identity, enterprises can combat phishing and reduce the risk of ransomware with the following: 

Stronger access management — Implement and manage multiple authentication use cases dictated by access policies and regulatory compliance. Centralize existing authentication tools and alleviate common integration challenges between MFA, NAC, IG, PAM, IDP, and others. 

Endpoint validation — Continuously auto-detect, validate, and verify users and devices attempting to access networks. 

Auto-authentication — Automatically authenticate known users and devices based on device data corroborated by machine intelligence. 

Continuous authentication validation — Constantly validate access privileges across all integrated tools to lock down access when a permission or device data change is detected. 

Single sign-on authentication — Eliminate the friction of multiple logins for a better user experience. 

Founded in 2017, SOFTwarfare has been solving authentication and integration challenges in relation to NIST and CMMC compliance. Zero Trust Identity is the newest addition to its suite of authentication and integration platforms used by leading private and public institutions in healthcare, manufacturing, and tech, as well as the Department of Defense. Visit softwarfare.com/zero-trust-identity or at the RSA Conference at booth #4242 to learn more.

Contact Information:
John Devins
Director, Business Development
[email protected]

Original Source: SOFTwarfare Unveils Latest Authentication Platform for the Enterprise at RSA 2023
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