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New Startup Aider Finally Makes It Easy to Build Apps

Aider: The Miami-based startup making app and software development easily accessible and affordable.

It's quite common to randomly have an idea to make an app or software that you think is going to change the world. It's easy to see an opportunity, but the process of actually building an app or software and then turning it into a profitable business is daunting, difficult and extremely expensive. Aider, a new startup based out of Miami, Florida, is changing that.

"We're trying to make it easy for entrepreneurs to turn their app and software ideas into something real. We want to nix the traditional process of hiring developers that has been giving startups headaches for so many years. Our goal is to make it as easy for anyone with an idea to realize it," said Jacob Stein, Co-founder of Aider. 

Aider works by helping entrepreneurs map out their ideas and then connects them with a development company that specifically meets their clients' requirements. Aider offers their clients a variety of different bids from their partners, and their customers can choose which ones they prefer based on time, price, and other factors.

"They've worked with us to ensure everything is how we envisioned it," said Adam Ganem, CTO of Sonex Event Group. "We are almost done developing the project, but so far, the process has been great. We accepted a bid from a great firm. Their work has been excellent, and Aider is still assisting us in many ways," he continued. 

For many entrepreneurs, going through with building an app or software can be a daunting task. Aider has made it clear that their focus lies on making building tech projects simple, and that's what their team has set out to do.

About Us

Aider is a startup that aims to facilitate the process of building apps, software, and other types of tech applications. Their unique and innovative approach allows for maximum efficiency and transparency by connecting development teams around the globe to relevant projects. Aider additionally provides consulting services if needed. Founded in 2023, their company's main offices are located in Miami, FL. For more information, visit goaider.com.

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