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Katalon Announces Xray Integration for Streamlined Test Automation and Test Management



Katalon, Inc., the leading provider of the most modern, comprehensive quality management platform, announced today the release of its Xray integration, which streamlines test automation and test management efforts for agile teams and their CI/CD pipelines.

With the Xray integration, Jira and Xray users can now include Katalon test run results in Jira Xray views and reports, creating a unified view for developers and QA teams to collaborate and release quality software continuously. The new capabilities offered by Katalon's Xray integration enable users to link Xray test cases with Katalon test cases, link Xray test plans or Jira fix versions to Katalon test runs, and manually or automatically push Katalon test results to Xray.

Jira and Xray users can now leverage Katalon Platform's comprehensive capabilities to author, organize, execute, analyze, and maintain their automated tests for web, mobile, API, and desktop applications. With Katalon Runtime Engine, users can easily integrate CI/CD pipeline test execution, while Katalon TestCloud offers cloud-based SaaS test execution services for easier test automation enablement.

"Xray is a market leading test management platform used by many Katalon customers. Katalon is focused on providing our customers with an open and integrated software quality platform and our integration with Xray will make it easier for our mutual customers to gain better insight into their test coverage, reduce testing effort, and ultimately deliver better digital experiences for their customers," said Matthew Sandberg, Vice President, Partnerships, Katalon. 

According to João Mendonça, Head of Partnerships at Xray, "We are excited to partner with Katalon to provide our customers with a seamless experience in test management and automation. The integration of Katalon and Xray helps companies enhance testing visibility to easily manage and analyze their testing efforts, improving collaboration between developers and QA teams, and ensuring a high-quality software delivery process."

Katalon's Xray integration addresses the challenges of integrating manual and automated testing processes by leveraging the combined strength of Xray's test management and Katalon's comprehensive test automation platform. It provides a solution to the traditionally independent quality reporting data generated by manual test management and automated testing processes, which require either manual integration in spreadsheets or programmatically via scripts and reporting tools.

Katalon's Xray integration is available for demonstration and use now. For more information, please visit https://katalon.com/resources-center/blog/katalon-xray-integration.

About Katalon
Katalon is a comprehensive, all-in-one quality management platform that enables quality assurance, DevOps and software teams of any size to deliver world-class customer experiences faster, easier, and more efficiently. The platform accelerates end-to-end software development by powering the authoring, execution, and insights of test automation across any app or environment, and flexibly integrates across a team's architecture and processes. Founded in 2016, Katalon is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. For more info about Katalon, please visit katalon.com. 

Contact Information:
Lucio Daza
VP. Product Marketing
[email protected]

Original Source: Katalon Announces Xray Integration for Streamlined Test Automation and Test Management
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