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Crockett & Jones Shoes Now Available at The Shoe Mart

Preeminent retailer of high-end footwear offering shoes and boots made by Crockett & Jones, England's premier shoe manufacturer

Crockett & Jones from The Shoe Mart

Crockett & Jones shows now available at The Shoe Mart

The Shoe Mart is excited to announce that it now carries English-made Crockett & Jones shoes and boots.

The Connecticut-based shoe retailer has partnered with Crockett & Jones to offer an amazing footwear selection combined with the unparalleled service people have come to expect from The Shoe Mart.

Founded in 1879, Northampton, England-based Crockett & Jones has a storied history. The company handcrafts all its shoes and boots, going through more than 200 operations in eight weeks to deliver each piece of footwear. Crockett & Jones is known for its meticulous attention to detail and high-end materials. Its shoes and boots are widely regarded for their style, quality and durability. Featuring timeless fashion, Crockett & Jones boots and shoes can last for years. 

The English company has also made a name for itself as the footwear of choice in recent James Bond movies. Several styles of Crockett & Jones men's shoes can be seen in "Skyfall," "Spectre" and "No Time to Die."

The reputation of Crockett & Jones shoes mirrors The Shoe Mart's values. With an emphasis on quality and service, the company has served its clientele for over 60 years. The Shoe Mart's comprehensive Crockett & Jones collection includes a wide range of styles suitable for formal, business and casual wear. The retailer is committed to offering fair Crockett & Jones shoe prices.

"Crockett & Jones' quality is evident in every detail," Co-owner Joe Zapatka said. 

"When I evaluate a premium brand for our business use, there are a few serious criteria that I review while considering it," he said. "Those criteria include the brand's heritage and the length of time the company has been making shoes at that high-quality level. That amount of time doing so is important because it shows that they have reached a consistency of quality.

"Crockett & Jones, with their history, reached that plateau decades ago," Zapatka said, adding that he can vouch for the shoes firsthand.

"I personally have tried on every model of Crockett & Jones shoes that we have selected for selling or are considering," he said. "In my estimation, they have met all my demands for quality and proper fitting."

Crockett & Jones is a natural fit with The Shoe Mart's other high-quality shoe brands, including: 

  • Alden
  • Magnanni
  • Johnston & Murphy

Customers can visit The Shoe Mart website to learn more about Crockett & Jones shoes and other quality brands the company offers.

Contact Information:
Joe Zapatka
[email protected]

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