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Cheech and Chong Launch Online Cannabis Community

Bowlmates, the new free social community for cannabis lovers, is lighting up culture

The platform, powered by Ear2Ground, connects like-minded cannabis enthusiasts known as "Bowlmates" from around the world in a community where users can share and talk openly without fear of unnecessary suppression. 

"With other social media platforms censoring cannabis posts and content, it was time to build our own community that is inclusive for all cannabis enthusiasts and content without the fear of unwanted and improper censorship," says CEO Jonathan Black.  

Visit bowlmates.com to gain immediate access to exclusive content, livestreams and interact with the legendary duo across a variety of online activities to be rewarded with virtual tokens. These tokens can then be exchanged on the platform for authorized merchandise, memorabilia, in-person and digital events connecting with Cheech and Chong. 

"We have been spreading love and connecting people through our movies, albums and live shows for decades. Creating somewhere online where we can continue that mission…it's been a long time coming, man," says Tommy Chong. "It's true! Finally, a place where we can unite on a deeper level with our Bowlmates from around the world than we ever have before," adds Cheech Marin. 

As pioneers of cannabis counterculture, Cheech and Chong have faced their fair share of censorship throughout their careers. By partnering with Ear2Ground, they're breaking free from the constraints of major social media platforms and delivering authentic content. 

Ben Mason, CEO of Ear2Ground, shares the excitement: "It is fantastic that Cheech and Chong understand the importance of having an online destination they fully own, where users are free to discuss all things cannabis. Bowlmates are exactly what the online cannabis community has been searching for and needs." 

Danny Keith, CRO, adds, "The desire for cannabis enthusiasts to interact in a social environment where they can actually converse with Cheech and Chong is paramount. Not to mention Ear2Ground's platform is an unprecedented redesign of social media as we know it."

Become a Bowlmate! Visit bowlmates.com and sign-up to join the community today. 

About Cheech and Chong's Global Holdings

Cheech and Chong's Global Holdings, and its entities operate across the U.S. and Europe. The Company is actively developing infrastructure to support the proliferation of its assets through its exclusive rights to the Cheech and Chong brands. 

Website: www.cheechandchong.com  www.bowlmates.com 

For Press inquiries on behalf of Cheech and Chong's Global Holdings, please contact 1.909.906.3339 or [email protected]

For Press inquiries on behalf of Tommy Chong, please contact Melissa Nowakowski at [email protected]

For Press inquiries on behalf of Richard "Cheech" Marin, please contact Yvette Shearer of Shearer PR at [email protected]

About Ear2Ground

Ear2Ground is the premier fan experience and CRM platform for brands and entertainment entrepreneurs to build sustainable communities. 

For Press inquiries on behalf of Ear2Ground, please contact [email protected].

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Brooke Mangum
[email protected]
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