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Boop – a Virtual Meeting Remote, Launching on Kickstarter on 21st March 2023

BOOP will launch on Kickstarter on Tuesday, 21st March, with an early bird reward price starting at $44

Boop - Virtual Meeting Controller

A remote to control your mic, camera, and screen

Everyone on a Zoom call has heard or said, "You're on mute!" at least once. Now that's not such a big problem. But what about all the times when someone blurted out something they weren't supposed when they thought they were on mute? Or did something without knowing their video was on?

Everybody has seen the hilarious online meeting blooper compilations and everyone loves watching bloopers until they become one. A device that can help solve these problems is called Boop. Boop is a pocket-sized remote to mute, screen share, and control the video in a virtual meeting. It has 3 simple buttons that:

  • Turn on/off the mic
  • Turn on/off the camera
  • Turn on/off the screen sharing

Why is it better than the on-screen toggles? The Boop team has done a complete case study and extensive research that details how this device solves all the problems people face with traditional on-screen toggles. Check it out here.

Benefits of using Boop

  • Works even when the meeting app is in the background
    Multitaskers or collaborators in an ongoing meeting need not constantly switch back & forth between screens anymore.
  • Always know the mic & video status
    LED indicators enable constant visibility of system status. No more checking/guessing if the mute toggle is on/off.
  • Tactile controls
    Accessible buttons to reach easily without fumbling. 
  • Works with any mic & camera
    Use an in-built mic and camera, or an external one, Boop works with all.
  • Synced with the meeting app
    Boop's LED status indicator works both ways - whether using Boop or on-screen meeting controls


The device can be used with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, and more platforms will be added through software updates.

Who is Boop for?

  • People attending multiple virtual meetings regularly
  • People who keep saying "You're on mute" or "Oops, I was on mute"
  • People who face difficulties with the UI of different virtual meeting tools
  • People with a heavy load of collaborative digital work
  • People who get anxious every time they don't know if their mic is on or not during a virtual meeting

Boop will be going live on Kickstarter on the 21st of March 2023. To help fund this project and get a Boop, check out this link.

Contact Information:
Jui Pandya
Founder of Boop
[email protected]
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Original Source: Boop - a Virtual Meeting Remote, Launching on Kickstarter on 21st March 2023
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