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AI Can Now Help Content Creators Speak in 60+ Languages on YouTube and Vimeo, by Rask AI

The new generation AI tool for video translation and dubbing gets recognition in the tech and bloggers community.

Rask AI

Translation and dubbing tool

Generative AI opens endless opportunities for content creation, customization and distribution. Many companies, including giants like YouTube, are looking into breaking the language barrier to help content entrepreneurs reach more audiences worldwide and increase their content engagement. The recently launched multi-language audio feature on YouTube allows creators to upload multiple audio tracks in different languages to their videos. Startups are not lagging behind in the AI localization race too. One of the recent product launches in this area is Rask AI, which helps creators generate those audio tracks automatically, translating their voice into 60+ different languages in a few clicks.

Product Hunt Community Recognition

Rask AI was just launched in early April 2023 and won the Product of the Day on Product Hunt - a global online community where people share and discuss new products and startups. 

Rask AI has received more than 450 comments and over 1,350 upvotes on their Product Hunt page from top professionals such as Ryan Hoover, founder of Product Hunt and Weekend Fund; Nir Eyal, Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of "Hooked"; Ilya Lesun, Head of Engineering at Pinterest, and more.

Innovative Technologies and Product Features

Rask AI is the new generation video translation and dubbing tool. Powered with AI, Rask provides everything needed to localize videos quickly and efficiently. The platform offers innovative technologies such as "Text-to-Voice" and "Voice Cloning" that allow users to add a human-like voiceover to their videos without hiring a voice actor.

AI generates voiceovers that enable the translation of a video or audio from around 130 different languages into 60+ most popular ones such as English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, and others. AI-generated subtitles feature on the platform makes content more accessible by automatically generating subtitles in different languages. This feature also saves content creators time and effort in creating the subtitles manually.

According to Maria Chmir, CEO and founder of Rask AI, the product has been created to address the problem faced by non-English speaking YouTubers who find it expensive to translate and dub their videos if they want to reach a global audience.

The platform is now integrating with popular video platforms, such as YouTube and Vimeo, so users can easily upload and caption their videos on these platforms.


Rask AI is a part of the parent company Brask Inc., an American AI content company that reimagines content creation and customization by leveraging generative AI technologies.

Company website: https://www.rask.ai

To request additional information, photographs, or an interview opportunity, please contact: Margo Laz, Head of PR and Comms at Rask AI - email [email protected] or book a call https://calendly.com/margolaz | Press Release is prepared by ESA Digital Ltd.

Contact Information:
Margo Laz
Head of PR and Comms
[email protected]

Original Source: AI Can Now Help Content Creators Speak in 60+ Languages on YouTube and Vimeo, by Rask AI
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