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The Coalition on Adult Basic Education Holds Legislative Briefing on Adult Education: The Hidden Talent Pipeline

Changing Lives (and the Economy) Through Literacy

Today, the Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE), the leading association representing 79,000+ educators working with millions of adult learners nationwide, held a briefing on adult basic education. Legislators and their staff were invited to the Senate Russell building to hear from learners whose lives have been transformed through literacy as well as business leaders, a community college vice president, and partners.

The legislative briefing, sponsored by Senators Jack Reed (D-RI) and Todd Young (R-IN) and hosted by COABE, entitled "Adult Education: The Hidden Talent Pipeline," highlighted the interconnected role of adult education in our workforce development and higher education systems. "The latest National Reporting data clearly shows that over 1,000,000 employment connections have been made over the last four years from adult education programs to the workforce sector. Learners are earning credentials, participating in integrated education and training programs, and getting jobs as a result of attending WIOA Title II federally funded adult education classes," said Sharon Bonney, Chief Executive Officer for the Coalition on Adult Basic Education.

Jody Angelone, board president, noted, "While local adult education programs continue to experience severe funding issues, receiving on average just $583 per learner compared to $10,000 per pupil in elementary education, WIOA Title II local programs continue to deliver high-quality results."

The briefing consisted of two panels, which were moderated by public policy chair and president-elect, Regina Suitt. Regina noted that "In addition to hearing from learners, business leaders from Forbes 100 companies, and community college leaders, legislators learned of bipartisan efforts led by Senators Reed and Young to increase adult education funding and introduce new legislation to strengthen adult education so more learners can gain the skills desired by employers, allowing them to earn a family-sustaining wage."

Senators Reed and Young recently introduced S. 1268, the Strengthening Research in Adult Education Act, to ensure strong and actionable research based on what works best to support adult learners. The Senators plan to soon reintroduce the Adult Education WORKS Act, to update, enhance, and expand access to adult education programs funded under Title II of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).



COABE's mission is to inspire educators so adults succeed and communities thrive. The Coalition on Adult Basic Education exists to provide leadership, communication, professional development, and advocacy for adult education and literacy practitioners to advance quality services for all adult learners. COABE provides a variety of services, including professional development through annual, state-of-the-art national conferences, webinars, symposiums, annually, advocacy and communication, and a peer-reviewed journal. 

Contact Information:
Sharon Bonney
Chief Executive Officer
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Original Source: The Coalition on Adult Basic Education Holds Legislative Briefing on Adult Education: The Hidden Talent Pipeline
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