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Special Envoy on North Korean Human Rights Issues Julie Turner’s Travel to Japan and the Republic of Korea

Special Envoy on North Korean Human Rights Issues Julie Turner will travel to Tokyo, Japan, and Seoul, Republic of Korea (ROK), from February 12-22 to mark the 10th anniversary of the final release of the UN Commission of Inquiry (COI) on human rights in the DPRK.  During her visit, Special Envoy Turner will meet with government representatives of Japan and the ROK, civil society activists, and North Korean defectors.

In Japan, Special Envoy Turner will highlight the DPRK’s practice of enforced disappearances, including through abductions, and emphasize the need for an immediate resolution to such cases.  In the ROK, Special Envoy Turner will discuss efforts to promote accountability for those responsible for North Korea’s egregious human rights violations and how best to advance the welfare of the North Korean people.  She will also participate in events commemorating the landmark UN COI report, engage with aspiring foreign policy leaders, and visit entities providing support and education to recently arrived North Korean escapees.

Special Envoy Turner’s trip will underscore the U.S. commitment to promoting human rights in North Korea, increasing access to uncensored information within the closed country, and empowering survivor voices advocating for concrete change.

Official news published at https://www.state.gov/special-envoy-on-north-korean-human-rights-issues-julie-turners-travel-to-japan-and-the-republic-of-korea/

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