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National Academic Partnership Initiative Focused on Conflict Anticipation and Prevention

On November 9, the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations (CSO) launched a new national academic partnership initiative focused on conflict anticipation and prevention.  Through the Academic Centers of Conflict Anticipation and Prevention (ACCAP) initiative, universities will collaborate with CSO on research, analysis, and data that will enhance the Department of State’s ability to anticipate, prevent, and respond to conflict globally.

CSO has engaged multiple public and private research institutions from across the United States to participate in ACCAP, including the following:  

Students at participating institutions, known as ACCAP scholars, will be afforded an opportunity to work on real-world requirements at the unclassified level to help address existing and emerging conflicts.  Their contributions will further CSO’s ongoing efforts to support key Biden-Harris Administration priorities, including implementation of the bipartisan Global Fragility Act.  ACCAP scholars will work directly with staff from across CSO’s regional and thematic offices, and on occasion, they will participate in briefings and other select opportunities to inform U.S. policymakers in the Department of State and across the U.S. government interagency.

Participation in ACCAP is open to public and private research institutions.  The Department of State is committed to providing equal opportunities to access the policymaking process to students and faculty at our nation’s institutions of higher education.  

For further information, contact the Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations’ Office of Public Affairs at [email protected].

Official news published at https://www.state.gov/national-academic-partnership-initiative-focused-on-conflict-anticipation-and-prevention/

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