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Launch of “Movilidad Segura” Website for Information on Regional Processing Centers

As one important step towards operationalizing the regional processing centers initiative, our international organization partners launched the MovilidadSegura.org website today.  On this website, interested individuals can find information on processes that will be available via the RPCs.  Once fully operational, the website will also allow certain individuals to request appointments at RPCs.  In the meantime, the website provides access to detailed and accurate information about the wide range of legal pathways that are already available to migrants in the Western Hemisphere.  Canada and Spain have agreed to accept case referrals from the Regional Processing Centers at a future date as well.

Once fully operational, the RPCs will make it easier for migrants to access lawful pathways from where they are and avoid putting their lives and their life savings into the hands of criminal actors.

The United States has committed to considering thousands of additional individuals per month from the Western Hemisphere for resettlement through the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP).  The United States welcomed six times as many refugees from Latin America and the Caribbean in 2022 as during the previous year, and we are on track to more than double those arrivals in FY 2023.  We are currently processing USRAP cases in 19 countries in the region.  As part of this effort, USRAP has already started to process the first batch of refugee resettlement cases under this new expedited model.

Official news published at https://www.state.gov/launch-of-movilidad-segura-website-for-information-on-regional-processing-centers/

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