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Joint Statement on the 2nd U.S.-Netherlands Cyber Dialogue

The text of the following statement was released by the Governments of the United States of America and the Netherlands on the occasion of the 2nd U.S.-Netherlands Cyber Dialogue.

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On May 4, 2023, in The Hague, the Netherlands and the United States concluded their second inter-agency dialogue on cyber issues.

Building on their close ties and partnership, the two sides shared their concern over the threat of malicious conduct by state and non-state actors in cyberspace.

The Netherlands and the United States specifically condemned Russia’s continuing cyber-attacks in the context of its illegal, unprovoked, and unjustified invasion of Ukraine.

The Netherlands and the United States reaffirmed their commitment to the framework for responsible State behavior in cyberspace endorsed by all UN Member States.  Both countries call upon all States to act in conformity with this framework and uphold the rules-based international order, including international humanitarian law and human rights law, in cyberspace.

The two sides agreed to further strengthen their comprehensive cooperation to prevent, disrupt, and respond to malicious cyber activity, including within NATO and with other partners, as well as to promote and protect human rights online and promote an open, free, global, interoperable, reliable, and secure Internet and stable cyberspace.

The Netherlands and the United States reiterated their commitment to supporting partners, including Ukraine, in bolstering their cyber resilience.  They agreed to work closely together in assisting Moldova in its efforts to strengthen its cybersecurity, in coordination with the recently established European Union Partnership Mission to Moldova.  The parties also reaffirmed their support to the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise as a platform for coordinating global cyber capacity building and agreed to continue to work together to strengthen the role of women in cybersecurity, including through the Women in Cyber Fellowship.  The two sides expressed their shared commitment for multilateral cyber-discussions to be based on inclusivity and transparency and noted the importance of engagement with the multi-stakeholder community on all matters related to cyberspace.

On digital issues, the Netherlands and the United States discussed the importance of shared principles in data flows and data governance, development of EU digital regulations, as well as the use of trusted, secure, and resilient information and communications technology globally.  Regarding human rights and technology, the Netherlands and the United States, as founders of the Freedom Online Coalition, discussed their efforts to ensure the protection of human rights in the development of cyber and digital policies.  They aim to prevent the proliferation and misuse of surveillance technologies and promote Internet freedom globally.

The Bilateral Cyber Dialogue was held with representatives from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice and Security, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the Office of the National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism, and the National Cyber Security Center; and from the United States Department of State, Department of Defense, Department of Justice, and the Office of the National Cyber Director.  The dialogue was co-chaired by the Netherlands’ Ambassador at-Large for Security Policy and Cyber Nathalie Jaarsma and U.S. Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Cyberspace Security Liesyl Franz.

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Official news published at https://www.state.gov/joint-statement-on-the-2nd-u-s-netherlands-cyber-dialogue/

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