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Fortress Power Introduces eSpire Mini Energy Storage Solution

New System Ideal for Large Residential or Light Commercial Use

Fortress Power - eSpire Mini

Fortress Power eSpire Mini Commercial & Industrial energy storage solution.

Fortress Power proudly introduces their latest C&I offering, the eSpire Mini. The Mini contains all the features of Fortress' larger eSpire product within a system ideally sized for your large residential or light commercial projects.

eSpire Mini offers a turnkey solution with a fully integrated, pre-configured package system that reduces installation time. Each unit includes inverters, battery trays, HVAC, fire suppression, and other essential features.

Utilizing Tier 1 Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) chemistry to ensure the highest level of safety, thermal stability, and reliability, eSpire Mini's adaptive software will reduce electricity costs while offering industry-standard resiliency and maximizing return on investment.

An integrated, multi-level Battery Management System monitors, optimizes, and balances the system. 

"The eSpire Mini fills the gap between smaller and larger inverters," said Emmanuel Ekwueme, lead engineer for C&I projects at Fortress Power.

eSpire Mini offers scalable energy storage capacity ranging anywhere from 81 kWh-266 kWh. Users can parallel up to two units together, expanding storage capacity to 532 kWh. The outdoor-rated, modular solution allows for expansion depending on energy and power requirements at either 208Vac or 480Vac. 

An ability to integrate with solar, genset, wind, micro-turbines and other distributed energy resources makes the eSpire Mini an ideal source of power for Microgrids. The unit comes with a Microgrid controller.

Sites ranging from multi-family residential buildings to convenience stores, charging stations, and schools will benefit from the eSpire Mini. 

"Apartment complexes, small businesses, all the way up to gas stations, hospitals, schools and shopping malls - this fits perfectly into those applications," said Ekwueme. "In the past, there was no such affordable solution."

Fortress Power is proud of its industry-standard customer service. Our U.S.-based technical support team is available to help you through all aspects from project design to completion. 

About Fortress Power (https://www.fortresspower.com/) 
Headquartered in Langhorne, PA, Fortress Power is a leading global designer and manufacturer of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery energy storage systems for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. The Company has operations across North America, the Caribbean, Central America, and Asia. In addition to its award-winning local live technical support, Fortress Power has partnered with industry-leading lending institutions to help make investment in solar and storage as easy as possible.

Contact Information:
Brian Jones
Marketing Manager
[email protected]

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