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FIREBULL(R) AB Receives Listing as GreenScreen Certified(TM) Silver Firefighting Product

Enforcer One, LLC, manufacturer of Enforcer® Compressed Air Foam Systems and FIREBULL® Fluorine Free Products in Peachtree City, Georgia, announces NEW FIREBULL AB as a GreenScreen Certified™ Silver Firefighting Product. FIREBULL products are 100% fluorine free. Clean Production Action through their rigorous GreenScreen Certified™ standard certifies products as fluorine free* and prohibits thousands of other chemicals of concern for human and environmental health. The certification demonstrates Enforcer One's commitment to developing environmentally safer firefighting products while matching the fire performance standards of traditional Class A and B foams that fire departments are moving away from due to the potential to introduce PFAS into the environment.

Enforcer One sought to produce alternatives to AFFF without relying on constituents that have more immediate toxic and caustic impact than fluorinated foams. The GreenScreen Certified™ Firefighting Foam Standard requires total organic fluorine of the product as sold to be less than 1 part per million as demonstrated by analytical testing, in addition to meeting testing requirements for aquatic toxicity of alga, aquatic invertebrates, and fish. The standard also includes an evaluation of each chemical present in raw materials above stringent thresholds against a comprehensive restricted substances lists and GreenScreen® hazard assessment and/or screening tools.

FIREBULL® AB joins the catalogue of UL listed FIREBULL 3% SFFF and UL Listed FIREBULL 6% SFFF, which were introduced in 2019 as fluorine free Class B foams for large volume flammable liquid fires. FIREBULL AB is a new Class A and Class B wetting agent which fills the gap for fire departments struggling with high viscosity fluorine free foams for daily use in standard equipment. FIREBULL AB is rated at 0.25% for Class A fires and as low as 0.25% to 3% for Class B fire extinguishment, a first for a GreenScreen Certified™ Silver Firefighting Product. This low application rate for Class B foams encourages departments to use less product to extinguish Class B fires than other products allow, while maximizing water performance and minimizing water usage and time on scene. FIREBULL AB viscosity is equal to 20 cps, which makes this product more compatible with onboard systems, eductors, and standard firefighting equipment than thicker fluorine free products. FIREBULL AB has a Ph of 7.1, indicating no corrosive properties. For these qualities, plus an unlimited shelf-life when stored in its original container, FIREBULL AB is Enforcer One's challenge to its biggest competitor FireAde®, which is rated at 0.5% for Class B extinguishment and 0.25% for Class A extinguishment. 

Enforcer One, LLC is also the manufacturer of Enforcer® Compressed Air Foam Systems, which maximizes FIREBULL AB performance in a small, portable CAFS system with minimal working parts. Fire Departments worldwide are enjoying the accessibility that Enforcer CAF Systems provide for rapid fire suppression with limited water access. Enforcer CAFS maximize water performance while minimizing water consumption with the addition of FIREBULL AB for up to 20:1 foam expansion in firefighting operations.

GreenScreen Certified™ is a registered trademark of Clean Production Action.

*"Fluorine free" means the product has zero intentionally added per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and PFAS contamination in the product is less than (1 part per million) total organic fluorine as measured by combustion ion chromatography.

FIREBULL® is a registered trademark of Enforcer One, LLC. 

For more information, visit www.enforcerone.com/firebull or call 678-788-8413

Contact Information:
JC Barb
VP Operations
[email protected]

Original Source: FIREBULL(R) AB Receives Listing as GreenScreen Certified(TM) Silver Firefighting Product
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