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Readout of Secretary Raimondo’s Meeting with the Advisory Committee on Supply Chain Competitiveness

Yesterday, Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo met virtually with the Advisory Committee on Supply Chain Competitiveness (Committee) for the first time since being rechartered in November 2023. Secretary Raimondo welcomed new Committee members and thanked current members for renewing their commitment for two additional years. Members received updates from federal government interagency representatives on the Administration’s work related to the bioeconomy, the implementation of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF) Supply Chain Agreement, progress of the Supply Chain Center housed within the International Trade Administration’s Industry & Analysis (I&A) unit, and the CHIPS program. 

Secretary Raimondo emphasized the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to working with businesses and industry leaders to identify supply chain vulnerabilities, develop mitigation strategies, and strengthen the resilience of our supply networks. Secretary Raimondo also received member feedback on key priorities including: exploring partnership opportunities with industry to make the IPEF Supply Chain Agreement most impactful; partnering with the private sector via the Supply Chain Center to get ahead of supply chain challenges and better target U.S. Government investments to support industries of the future; and identifying ways the U.S. government can facilitate more supply chain diversification and resiliency in its commercial collaboration with the Government of India.

The Committee advises the Secretary of Commerce on elements of a comprehensive, holistic national freight infrastructure, and a national freight policy designed to support U.S. export growth, foster national economic competitiveness, and improve U.S. supply chain competitiveness in the domestic and global economy. The Committee’s work is intended to further the Administration’s export, economic, and job growth goals. Visit https://www.trade.gov/advisory-committee-supply-chain-competitiveness to learn more.

The Supply Chain Center facilitates collaboration across the U.S. Government and beyond to be proactive in getting ahead of supply chain challenges. Today, the Center is integrating industry expertise and data analytics to develop innovative supply chain risk assessment tools and is coordinating deep-dive analyses on select critical supply chains to drive targeted actions to increase resilience. Working in concert with the private sector and other relevant stakeholders, the Center’s goal is to be strategic in setting priorities for policy focus and action based on data-driven risk analysis, a force multiplier in improving the impact of U.S. Government investments, and a partner with industry in building resilient supply chains and supporting U.S. businesses.

Originally posted at https://www.commerce.gov/news/press-releases/2024/03/readout-secretary-raimondos-meeting-advisory-committee-supply-chain

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