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MostlyMedicaid Thought Leader Kris Vilamaa’s Insights on BH & Phys Health for Medicare/Medicaid Populations

Key insights to advance integrated care

BALTIMORE, MD, USA, April 25, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Overall summary of event

The 2024 State Healthcare IT Connect Summit (Baltimore, MD)

Key thought leaders and experts convened to discuss critical topics in the state healthcare technology space.

Summary of Discussion


Kris Vilamaa, joined by panelists from Bamboo Health, led a discussion on specific actions behavioral health and physical health providers can take to improve outcomes for Medicare and Medicaid members.

Key themes included:

1) The BH workforce shortage- 160M Americans live in a place with a mental health professional shortage.

2) Data siloes that impact care- Case studies from states like Delaware show how a purpose-built platform can improve use of BH data in overall care workflows.

3) Use of the Innovation in Behavioral Health model and technology- CMS is funding an 8-year roadmap for states to use care integration tactics, including new funding to integrate EHRs and increase staffing

4) Engaging patients with higher utilization profiles – According to MACPAC, 32% of Medicaid enrollees age 18 and older have behavioral health problems, and 10% have serious mental illness (SMI). In 2020, 13.9 million nonelderly adult Medicaid enrollees, or nearly 40%, had a mental health or substance use disorder (SUD).

The MostlyMedicaid marketing team sat down with Kris and asked a few questions related to the event.

MM Marketing Team: What were the main take-aways from the discussion?

Kris: “Participants from all over the country identified similar challenges with engagement, sharing of information for people with behavioral health issues and managing transitions of care for these high need individuals.”

MM Marketing Team: What were some of the overall themes from conversations at the event itself?

Kris: “We have a lot of work to do to make the situation better nationwide, but there are willing partners in the provider, plan, health information exchange and technology solution provider worlds who recognize the problems and can work together on solutions that will bring significant improvements to care and outcomes for people with mental illness and substance use disorders.”

MM Marketing Team: “If you had a magic wand, what is the one thing you would like to see happen in the BH space in 2024 related to technology?

Kris: “Create shared understanding of the benefits of more information flow between provider organizations who have traditionally siloed their data in ways that negatively impact the ability to provide effective care interventions to people with mental health and substance use disorders.”


About MostlyMedicaid


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We began with one simple concept in mind – think of Medicaid as a massive industry. Besides the healthcare services provided to Medicaid enrollees, there are hundreds of thousands of people that process claims, build software, consult with hospitals – just to name a few segments. Those people need services and products to help them do their jobs, increase their revenues and improve their skills. And that’s where MostlyMedicaid comes in.

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