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UpKeep Announces New Patent on UpKeep Edge

Recent Patent Furthers UpKeep's Mission of Empowering Maintenance Teams

LOS ANGELES - October 12, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

For over three years now, UpKeep has invested time, effort, and energy into UpKeep Edge—the company's second product that allows maintenance, reliability, and operations professionals to use data as the key to collaboration and success. 

Thrilled with the success the company has seen by their customers using Edge, UpKeep embarked on a journey to show how transformative and different Edge is by filing a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 

Now, two years later, the patent for Edge has finally been approved and issued as of Sept. 20, 2022. 

What Is UpKeep Edge?

UpKeep Edge leverages secure wireless internet of things (IoT) sensors and cellular gateways to deliver real-time data about assets and operating environments. Maintenance, operations, and reliability teams are better equipped with Edge to scale their ability to monitor the operating performance of critical equipment and facilities. Click here to learn more about Edge.

History Behind the Patent

Edge has been in the works since the summer of 2019 but wasn't widely released until more recently. 

"I had mentioned the concept of using sensors to track asset performance and level up maintenance practices to UpKeep's engineering team," said Ryan Chan, Founder and CEO of UpKeep. "Mark McKelvy, a Product Manager at UpKeep, was just as bullish on the idea as I was and volunteered to start the project from scratch."

After an initial proof of concept, Chan and McKelvy immediately saw the potential Edge could have on the industry. They knew others were working in the IoT space and leveraging sensors in various capacities, but they also knew UpKeep was doing something different by bringing sensor data to maintenance teams to help them monitor asset performance and get ahead of critical failures. 

"We believed it was something worth calling out and protecting. So we're thrilled to hear that the United States Patent and Trademark Office agreed with us," said Chan.

"This patent is a great achievement for the UpKeep team as it highlights our continued commitment to the kind of innovation that takes our customers' operations to the next level," said McKelvy. 

About UpKeep

UpKeep is an Asset Operations Management platform purpose-built to bring together maintenance, operations, and reliability data to help teams make important business decisions. Our mobile-first solution centralizes data from across teams and devices into one configurable and easy-to-implement solution that provides real-time data into the day-to-day maintenance life cycle, asset utilization and performance measurement to help optimize maintenance strategies, improve asset performance, and increase availability and reliability. 

Learn more at Upkeep.com

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