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Nandi Security Announces Availability of Kavalan Standard – a New Intelligent Digital Safety Product for Connected Homes

Provides whole-home protection against privacy and cyber threats with deep privacy insights and analysis

Kavalan from Nandi

Logo of the Kavalan intelligent digital safety product

Nandi Security, the leader in online privacy and cybersecurity solutions for connected homes, is proud to announce the availability of Kavalan Standard. Kavalan Standard represents an innovative leap for Nandi Security's existing Kavalan Light product for smart homes that protects all devices, including laptops, tablets, smart televisions, smart lightbulbs, and more, from privacy and cyber threats. Kavalan Standard extends Kavalan Light's industry-leading cloud-based smart home cybersecurity and privacy protection with its personalization capabilities as well as its Deep Privacy Analysis innovation that provides home users contextual visibility into daily privacy risks. Simplicity is central to the entire Kavalan suite of products - there is no software to install, no hardware or devices to buy and can be set up in any home in five minutes or less. 

Cyberattacks are increasingly targeting homes and individuals, especially in the era of remote or hybrid work. Managing privacy and cybersecurity is a significant challenge when the apps, devices, websites, internet routers and internet service providers can all change in a home. Kavalan's core capabilities include the automatic blocking of cyber threats on every device, including laptops, gaming systems, tablets, smart appliances and more. Kavalan also blocks privacy threats such as trackers, ad networks, data brokers, pixels, and beacons across every device, app and website. In a home with 10 or more connected devices, Kavalan consistently detects and blocks over 2,000 threats per day, reducing cyber risk and increasing privacy.

Kavalan's Deep Privacy Analysis empowers home users to gain insight into which companies may have access or the right to access different kinds of personal or behavioral information about them, such as geo location, browsing history, etc. Kavalan Standard also includes one-click blocking of social media, adult content and other curated apps, giving parents a powerful tool to control the internet experience in their home from anywhere in the world. 

"Solving for privacy is central to solving for security in connected homes," said Vikram Venkatasubramanian, CEO of Nandi Security. "In addition to strong cyber threat protection, with Deep Privacy Analysis, we have delivered an intelligent digital safety capability that empowers home users to use Kavalan as a personalized privacy advisor in order to make informed choices on their internet habits."

To learn more about Kavalan Light and Kavalan Standard, visit https://news.nandisecurity.com/kavalan. First-time Kavalan users can try the product free for 30 days. Subscription plans start at $6.99 per month for Kavalan Light and $11.99 per month for Kavalan Standard.

About Nandi Security

Nandi Security, a Westford, MA-based cybersecurity company, is the maker of the Kavalan intelligent digital safety suite of products for connected homes. Kavalan protects all internet-connected devices from cyber threats such as malware, botnets, phishing, etc., as well as from privacy threats.

Contact Information:
Vikram Venkatasubramanian
Founder and CEO
[email protected]

Original Source: Nandi Security Announces Availability of Kavalan Standard - a New Intelligent Digital Safety Product for Connected Homes
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