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Moves.ai Pioneers Reputation Management Engine for ChatGPT and Other Chatbots

Utilizing AI technology gives brands control over their corporate narrative

Moves.ai,  https://www.moves.ai/,  a subsidiary of parent company Influencer Inc. and leading reputation optimization company for chatbots, today announced the launch of a management tool that enables brands to manage their story through the engineering and conditioning of artificial intelligence. 

Moves is the first technology company to launch a reputation management tool for chatbots, which has been successfully trialed for select launch customers and is now accepting new customers for its suite of services through their website, moves.ai.

Marketing and sales executives now have the unique opportunity to condition the Large Language Models technology to speak more favorably and accurately about their brand offerings and significant news. It greatly helps brand reputation management and allows small and large organizations to fight misinformation about brands and their products. 

"We're excited to be the first to introduce a tool created with the sole purpose of positively influencing and surfacing information about a service, product or brand," said Ralph Musgrove, Chief Technology Officer at Moves. "The age of SEO algorithms as a critical means to be found by potential customers and users is coming to an end. With people utilizing chatbots to help with workload and information gathering, Moves.ai allows brands to influence the information that surfaces to the user through bots."

Moves uses proprietary technologies and transformer models to optimize awareness and ranking for Large Language Models. Pricing will be determined by product type or service as well as the duration of the campaign.

Companies interested in utilizing the new service can secure their spot in line by visiting https://www.moves.ai/.

About Influencer, Inc.

Influencer, Inc. is a Miami-based AI technologies company specializing in AI-driven tools and processes to optimize, promote and increase visibility of content. Founded in January 2020, it now provides leading technology to create awareness and preference for customers and their products amongst Large Language Model based chatbots.

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Original Source: Moves.ai Pioneers Reputation Management Engine for ChatGPT and Other Chatbots
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