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Mosaic Data Science Named Among 50 Leading Companies of the Year by Silicon Review

The data science consulting company was recognized for its deep expertise delivering AI & ML solutions to various industries regardless of analytics maturity.

Silicon Review

50 Leading Companies of the Year 2023

Mosaic Data Science is pleased to have been ranked among the Silicon Review's 50 Leading Companies of 2023. The award recognizes Mosaic's ability to deliver quality work and efficiently address industry problems while accepting any new challenges along the way. Silicon Review holistically assessed Mosaic's steady customer base and openness to innovation to crown it a leader in the artificial intelligence and machine learning space

Mosaic's team of data scientists collaborates with businesses in every industrial segment, enterprise, or startup, to build predictive and prescriptive analytics unique to the input data, desired outputs, and decision-making processes presented by the client environment. Mosaic's unprecedented growth has been fueled in large part by the philosophy that data science should be available to scale to all firms, whether a customer is just starting to think about it or already has a dedicated team. 

"We're very excited for what the future holds in analytics, and our position as a leader in that space," said Drew Clancy, VP of Sales and Marketing. "As we continue to grow, Mosaic will bring more value to its customers through repeatable industry solution frameworks, allowing for even more effective and efficient project flows. We consistently push the needle of innovation with a practical approach to cutting-edge concepts like graph analytics, IoT, generative AI, supply chain optimization, and computer vision."

Mosaic is always looking ahead at the "next big thing" in the AI and ML world, and their investments in top data science talent reflect this. For example, the company recently hired data scientists with expertise in NLP and computer vision, which led to them developing robust solutions for customers in those areas.

"We recognize the AI and ML field is a rapidly growing and competitive industry. To attract top talent, we offer remote work opportunities and the flexibility to work on different projects, which allows our team to be exposed to several use cases," said Chris Brinton, CEO. "Our employment pipelines are overflowing with excellent candidates, and we can't wait to keep bringing on more data science talent to deliver for our new and existing customers."

About Mosaic Data Science

Mosaic Data Science is a leading AI/ML services company focused on helping organizations build and deploy custom solutions. The company makes complex artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions actionable, explainable, and usable to any organization.

Contact Information:
Drew Clancy
VP of Marketing and Sales
[email protected]
(410) 458-7674

Original Source: Mosaic Data Science Named Among 50 Leading Companies of the Year by Silicon Review
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