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Introducing STARFIELD 3D: The World’s First All-in-One SLA 3D Printer With Print & Post-Curing Capabilities

INFINITE, a trailblazer in 3D printing technology, is thrilled to unveil STARFIELD 3D, a groundbreaking all-in-one SLA 3D printer that is poised to redefine the realm of large-scale 3D printing. STARFIELD 3D is designed to empower customers, creators, innovators, and makers of all levels to bring their boldest ideas to life with unmatched precision and efficiency.

STARFIELD 3D revolutionizes the 3D printing landscape by seamlessly integrating post-curing capabilities directly within its body, eliminating the need for a separate curing machine. This groundbreaking innovation not only saves valuable time but also reduces costs, making 3D printing more efficient and budget-friendly than ever before.

Unleash creativity with STARFIELD 3D's impressive build volume of 350*200*350mm, allowing customers to effortlessly bring even their most ambitious projects to life. With its remarkable 25μm XY resolution, STARFIELD 3D captures intricate details like never before, ensuring that creations are presented with astonishing finesse.

STARFIELD 3D's auto-heating function elevates resin-curing accuracy, resulting in superior print quality, enhanced reliability, and an overall smoother printing experience.

Experience effortless 3D printing with STARFIELD 3D's automatic feeding and real-time resin-level detection system. Four-level detection lights simplify resin-level monitoring, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free printing process.

Bid farewell to the constant need for print-bed adjustments during lengthy printing jobs. STARFIELD 3D introduces an innovative permanent leveling feature that ensures uninterrupted 3D printing, allowing customers to concentrate on their creative endeavors without interruptions.

Equipped with a high-intensity laser boasting an impressive 20,000-hour lifespan and a remarkable 18,000RPM scanning speed, STARFIELD 3D guarantees unmatched print quality. Its redesigned laser module is exceptionally durable, offering a lifespan 20 times longer than that of a typical LCD 3D printer.

Customers' safety and comfort are paramount. STARFIELD 3D is equipped with a built-in air filtration system that prevents the inhalation of potentially harmful substances, enhancing workspace air quality and creating a pleasant, odor-free environment for their work.

Customers' 3D printing journey is at their fingertips with the 7'' smart touch panel. Simple taps on the panel bring their creative projects closer to reality, effortlessly.

"STARFIELD 3D is a game-changer in the world of 3D printing, designed to empower individuals and businesses to bring their visions to life with unparalleled precision and ease," stated Chan KaHing, CEO of STARFIELD 3D. "With its innovative features, exceptional print quality, and user-friendly design, STARFIELD 3D is set to redefine the 3D printing landscape."

STARFIELD 3D is now available for pre-order on our website. For more information, please visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/starfield/starfield-3d-print-and-post-curing-all-in-one-sla-3d-printer.

Contact Information:
KaHing Chan
[email protected]

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