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Epomaker Introduces the MACHENIKE G5 Pro – the Ultimate Gaming Controller for Serious Gamers

MACHENIKE launches one of the best gaming controllers - the G5 Pro - for all gaming enthusiasts.

Epomaker is thrilled to announce the newly launched MACHENIKE G5 Pro Controller. With an upgraded and innovative design, G5 Pro will be the best choice for gamers.

Full Hall Effects for Ultimate Gaming Experience

For a gaming controller, performance is always the first priority. MACHENIKE G5 Pro adopts full Hall effects aiming to bring an unparalleled gaming experience to users and gamers. With Hall Effect Analog Sticks and Hall Effect Triggers, the G5 Pro provides an incredible and precise response. Adopting the precise electromagnetic induction technology, the G5 Pro can realize a pixel-level micro-manipulation experience, thus preventing gamers from losing the game due to slippage. 

Upgraded Kailh Switch and Programmable Back Button

The MACHENIKE G5 Pro is equipped with Kailh Switch D-pad. Specifically designed for professional gaming, Kailh Switch features long-lasting and short travel distances. Therefore, it offers a more quick response when playing the game. The upgraded Kailh Switch D-Pad provides even more precision and accuracy, allowing gamers to execute complex moves and combos with ease. In addition to the enhanced controls, the G5 Pro also features Motion-Sensing Support, making it perfect for games that require motion control. The Dual-Core Programmable Back Buttons allow for customizable control options, giving gamers the ability to fine-tune the controller to their play style.

Triple-mode Connections and Multi-devices Supportive

Different games on different devices. In order to better support various games, the G5 Pro is compatible with PCs, Switch, Smartphones, Android TVs, Tablets, and Car Multimedia Systems, providing gamers with the ultimate versatility in gaming. With Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4GHz, and wired connectivity options, gamers can choose the connection that works best for their setup. Furthermore, The G5 Pro comes with proprietary software for programming, making it easy for gamers to customize their controller and create their own personalized gaming experience. The NS One-Button Wake-Up feature allows gamers to start playing their favorite games instantly, without any delays.

Magnetic Translucent Face-plate and Customizable RGB Lights

The G5 Pro is also designed to look as good as it performs, with a translucent magnet faceplate cover and customizable RGB lights that can be programmed to match the gamer's preferred color scheme. The handle is laser engraved to accentuate the texture. The overall design is in line with ergonomics and is cozy for holding without tiring. Technically, the G5 Pro takes aesthetics into account while ensuring a comfortable feel.

Price and Availability

MACHENIKE G5 Pro is available on Epomaker's official website now. For those who have bought the $1 Reservation Card, there would be an Early Bird Promotion Discount of $15. Follow Epomaker's social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Discord to stay updated on all the upcoming events and activities.

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