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AirDroid Remote Support Empowers IT Administrators With Advanced Security Features

AirDroid Remote Support, a customer support solution designed for customer service, IT support, and Help Desk teams, has rolled out a new update that comes with advanced security features for IT administrators. The new security features are designed for customers who need to control unattended devices including security mode, remote input method and support for real-time control and synchronization.

  • Black Screen Mode

IT administrators can now use security mode during remote control to hide the screen of the remote device being controlled. The screen displays a black screen with the message "Device under maintenance," allowing IT administrators to perform remote operations without affecting users. 

  • Remote Input Method 

The remote input method allows IT administrators to use the control panel keyboard to input text on the controlled device remotely. Additionally, clipboard synchronization enables administrators to paste text between the controlled device and the control panel. 

  • Enhanced Performance of Real-time Control and Synchronization 

The update also allows real-time control and synchronization of actions on devices running Android 8.0 or higher. The control panel can also utilize multi-touch controls for software that supports it, such as image editing software.

"We are excited to offer our customers a more secure version of Remote Support," said Anson Xiong, CEO of Sand Studio. "These features will help IT administrators to perform remote operations efficiently while ensuring the safety of the user's data and the device itself."

Usage Scenarios

The advanced security features can benefit organizations in a number of usage scenarios. For example, financial institutions can use the security mode feature to protect sensitive financial information on unattended devices (such as self-service kiosks, ATMs, etc.) when remotely maintaining, updating software or upgrading the operating system. The "Device under maintenance" message can inform the user that the device is temporarily unavailable, thus preventing accidental usage.

Another example is that of advertising agencies using the remote input method to update content on unattended digital signage in real-time. Device administrators can remotely log in to the controlled digital signage, enter text to configure the device, update the content and restart the device by simply using the remote keyboard.

Benefits for Organizations

  • Increased Privacy & Data Protection: Black screen mode prevents unauthorized data access to the remote device's screen content during maintenance, safeguarding user privacy.
  • Secure Communication: The updates also enable IT administrators to securely input or transfer private text information to devices, minimizing the risk of data leaks.

To learn more about AirDroid Remote Support, visit here.

About AirDroid Remote Support

AirDroid Remote Support software helps revolutionize your customer service strategy by providing remote IT assistance for issues with Android and iOS devices that phone calls or emails cannot resolve. It allows businesses to offer instant IT support for hardware manufacturers, systems integrators, software solution providers, and front-line employees, making it the perfect remote troubleshooting tool for resolving mobile and technical issues in the field.

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