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Tech and Lifestyle Expert Stephanie Humphrey Reveals Cutting-Edge Solutions for Families on TipsOnTV

Budget-Friendly Connectivity Options for Consumers

Technology Expert Stephanie Humphrey Shares New Affordable Internet Options

Lifestyle & Tech Expert Stephanie Humphrey Offers Internet Solutions

Technology and lifestyle expert Stephanie Humphrey’s mission in life is to show people how technology can not only make their lives easier but is necessary in today’s digital age. Humphrey explained on TipsonTV how consumers can sign up for tech with no surprises, contracts, and no intro pricing that expires. Stephanie has information for consumers about the launch of the new NOW product line from Comcast that provides solutions that work for family budgets, including mobile plans, internet and streaming options, and may be a solution for the 23 million participants rolling off the federal government’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).


Everything is connected and online these days, whether we are talking about education, job searches, healthcare, or even just shopping. Some recent changes may make this essential part of life even harder to afford. There are more than 23 million Americans who will be directly affected as the Affordable Connectivity Program ends. This could mean that a single mom on a budget, a senior citizen on a fixed income, or a student with limited funds might get left behind. There is a new product line of services from Comcast called NOW that can fit a lot of different budgets and offers ultimate reliability backed by the Xfinity network. 


Some of you may have heard about ACP, the Affordable Connectivity Program, which has not been renewed. For the past couple of years, the federal government offered a credit of up to $30 a month for home internet, but that is no longer an option. NOW Internet could be your best option to get your family online. It’s a new simple and affordable internet and mobile plan that doesn’t break the bank.


The plan is super easy and convenient. Sign up for what you want and that’s it. No surprises - what is at the store or on the website is what consumers pay for, and NOW is as low as $30 a month, no contracts, no intro pricing that expires later. With total flexibility and no hiccups, these plans are backed by the super reliable Xfinity network; it is safe to browse with 24/7 support. Do not worry about the internet slowing down every time there is a storm or because trees in the yard are blocking the signal.


Everything’s getting more expensive. It is refreshing to see more simple and easy-to-understand tech deals. We are always looking for the best price on our devices, but we should also be shopping around for some of the best deals on services, and bundling can be a great option. With NOW internet, it is simple, easy and contract-free, and that could include NOW mobile too. No contracts or credit checks; it’s unlimited for $25 a month per line. No additional taxes and hidden fees. For a great price, but without the dropped calls or that annoying buffering circle. With NOW mobile, consumers are on the most reliable 5G network nationwide keeping consumers connected at home and on the road. Stephanie says, “It’s great! If you love your phone, bring it with you. If you don’t, then they will help you choose a new one that’s within your budget.”


The NOW TV streaming package launched last year. That kicked off new plans that are simple, easy, and straightforward. Customers are getting what they want, how they want it and without paying for extras they do not. That success has led to these new NOW product lines to make sure homes are fully connected all the time when it matters most. 

For more information about NOW internet and mobile, visit Xfinity.com/NOW


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Original Source: Tech and Lifestyle Expert Stephanie Humphrey Reveals Cutting-Edge Solutions for Families on TipsOnTV
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