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Intergalactic Social Media Launches the Galactix Zone Project

The first dynamic NFT game project will leverage dNFT technology to make strides in the worlds of blockchain and gaming.

RICHMOND, Va. - November 24, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Intergalactic Social Media, a collective of crypto advisors and developers spearheaded by founders John Nguyen and Phea Ram, has officially launched its first NFT project, the Galactix Zone. The project, which has now been in development for over two years, is a community-focused effort utilizing a unique Non-Fungible Token (NFT) known as a Dynamic Non-Fungible Token (dNFT). Through its innovative design and model, Intergalactic Social Media aims to break through the mold by redefining NFTs and gaming itself. 

After observing several NFT projects, Nguyen and Ram concluded that there was substantial potential for future opportunities and innovations within the space. Over time, they grew increasingly aware of the concerns surrounding the NFT space, including projects that seemed to promote static pixels in an attempt to merely ride a "hype train" and generate quick capital. Other projects went one step further and promised assets to investors just to completely fail to deliver on any of their previous promises.

Galactix Zone, also known as Galactix Zone Kalpa Avian or GKA, will set itself apart through innovations made possible by dNFT technology. Through dNFT, unique properties can be added or removed through the minting process. This innovation is merely scratching the surface of what is to come; GKA is scheduled to be just the first of several projects planning to be released in the ecosystem.

Unlike other projects that promote static NFT images, the Galactix Zone will feature dNFT assets that exist as living, breathing entities with synergistic integration and utility. This unique model gives our project the flexibility to truly innovate in the NFT space. 

The implementation of the Galactix Zone project is currently pending internal review, with a detailed release soon to come. The Certik Audit and Certik KYC began on Oct. 31. The Galactix Zone team received a KYC Silver Verified rating on 11/21/2022 and a GEO RISK of a Tier 1 rating - The core team is in a country with the best ratings for international judicial cooperation, criminal justice, anti-money laundering, and corruption. Contextual data suggests the maximum level of geographical accountability, maximizing risk reduction and mitigation. A Certik (Certik.com) audit is an industry-leading security audit for web3 projects. This type of audit assesses smart contracts and blockchain code to address security concerns and identify vulnerabilities. A CertiK Know Your Customer (KYC) verification check is designed to put project teams through a rigorous vetting process while maintaining the highest standards of data protection. 

Through these audits and verification checks, the Intergalactic Social Media team hopes to instill a strong sense of trust and transparency within the greater Galactix Zone community. 

"Trust and transparency are fundamental principles for our project," said Nguyen, who serves as the company's CEO. "These processes will help ensure our community of who we are, what intentions we have currently, and what our future goals for the project will be. Ensuring trust and security is our top priority." 

The Intergalactic Social Media team plans to set aside one percent of its total token supply to be given to charity when the price hits $0.79. The time it will take for the token to reach that price will be determined by the level of pure synergetic teamwork between the developers and the community working together. 

"We like to say that 'FITS' is in our DNA. FITS stands for fun, innovation, technology, and sustainability," said Phea, who serves as CTO of Intergalactic Social Media. 

"John and I were so captivated by the idea of decentralization when we first began reading about it. It can be so beneficial to all and used as a force for good. With that being said, we gave many of the early projects the benefit of the doubt, only to be burned by bad actors within the industry. We are determined to be different. Giving back to our community is a major focus of ours. We go as far as to say that it is in our tokenomics DNA." 

To learn more about the Galactix Zone, check out the team's official project announcement video

About Intergalactic Social Media, LLC

Intergalactic Social Media, LLC is the developer of the Galactix Zone project. Now in development for over two years, the project was initially founded by crypto investors John Nguyen, who serves as the CEO of Intergalactic Social Media, and Phea Ram, who serves as CTO. 

In conjunction with a large team of advisors and developers, Nguyen and Ram have worked to bring Galactix Zone, the community-based game focused on giving back to society, to life. 









Contact Information:
Phea Ram
[email protected]

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