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Statement of Concern Related to Certain Minerals Supply Chains from Rwanda and Eastern DRC

The Department of State has issued a Statement of Concern focused on certain minerals supply chains from Rwanda and eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).  The statement clarifies the specific risks associated with manufacturing products using minerals extracted, transported, or exported from eastern DRC, through Rwanda and Uganda.

In particular, the Statement of Concern notes that the United States remains concerned about the role that the illicit trade and exploitation of certain minerals, including artisanally and semi-industrially mined gold and tantalum, from the African Great Lakes Region continues to play in financing conflict.  In many cases, these minerals directly or indirectly benefit armed groups and move out of the eastern DRC through Rwanda and also to Uganda before moving to major refining and processing countries.  These supply chains facilitate illicit exploitation and taxation of these minerals, often involving acts of corruption.

Over time, some companies appear to have eased their focus on meaningful due diligence on mineral supply chains from this region.  The Statement of Concern reflects the U.S. government’s encouragement of greater transparency and identifies due diligence frameworks, such as guidance issued by the OECD, that suggest the private sector undertake heightened due diligence.

Read the full text of the Statement of Concern here.

Official news published at https://www.state.gov/statement-of-concern-related-to-certain-minerals-supply-chains-from-rwanda-and-eastern-drc/

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