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On Hong Kong Authorities’ Transnational Repression

By announcing National Security Law charges and a list of cash awards that unjustly target overseas democracy advocates, including a U.S. citizen and other individuals based in the United States, Hong Kong authorities display their disregard for international norms and human rights in Hong Kong and the deterioration of that city’s once proud tradition of respecting the rule of law.

We strongly oppose any efforts to intimidate and silence individuals who choose to make the United States their home and will not waver in standing up for those who are targeted simply for exercising their human rights. The United States rejects the PRC’s attempt to use these cash awards to threaten and harass those advocating for freedom and democracy, and we urge Hong Kong authorities to respect the protected rights and freedoms enumerated in the Basic Law.

We encourage the international community to join us in condemning this act of transnational repression. The United States remains committed to defending the rights and freedoms of all people and calls on the PRC to act in a manner consistent with its international commitments and legal obligations.

Official news published at https://www.state.gov/on-hong-kong-authorities-transnational-repression/

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