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New Use Energy Launches SunCase Line for a Tough and Portable Power Solution

Solar-First Battery Generators Field Tested in Ukraine

SunCase 2025

With its robust casing and battery capacity, the SunCase 2025 is made for professional users.

New Use Energy Solutions (NUE) announced today the launch of the SunCase™ line of portable solar-first battery generators featuring professional-grade lithium power in a tough case built for challenging operating environments. 

The first SunCase™ model available for sale is the SunCase™ 2025 which offers professional users:

  • A 2kW inverter, 2560 Whr battery and built in 20Ah charge controller
  • A robust casing to protect the battery from harsh environments
  • Flexible and fast charging methods including up to 55 VDC of solar input
  • Two (2) NEWA 5-15R rated receptacles, four USB ports and one lighter outlet
  • Clean and noiseless power 
  • Bluetooth connection for remote monitoring and management

"The NUE team listened to its customers deploying in remote and difficult locations to build what we think adds up to the toughest ultra-portable, weather-resistant and safe solar generator. Our customers need to deploy easy, fast and safe. And then they have to move and do it again. The SunCase™ 2025 pairs extremely well with our SunTarp™ solar arrays that happen to use MILSPEC panels that are easy to carry unlike glass panels and deploy in seconds. We like to say we build tools not toys," said Paul Shmotolokha, NUE CEO.

Built to provide remote power in the toughest environments, from ground zero after a hurricane to war zones, the SunCase™ solar battery generator delivers a reliable power source that can be charged from solar panels, grid power if available, and even from portable gas generators. A pure sinewave output ensures that even the most sensitive equipment is protected. 

"We have been powering hospital operating rooms in fixed and mobile clinics, medical lab equipment, Starlink, sophisticated military communications, two-way emergency communications, re-charging drones, power tools, SCADA systems, the list is pretty much endless," said Lee Feliciano COO of NUE.

"SunCases™ raise the bar for battery generators with ruggedized, durable design and features that make the 'professional grade' in ways most aren't. It is probably the first time that any solar generator had its debut with a special-forces unit in combat, and they couldn't be happier with it. They even nicknamed it 'our Nuashka,'" said Leda Lada, a bio-medical engineer who works with civilian and military users in Ukraine.

Additional SunCase™ models will be coming so stay tuned to newusenergy.com for more information.


New Use Energy Solutions, Inc. (NUE) is an Arizona-based company whose mission is "Using the Sun to Build a Better Generator." NUE engineers and manufactures solar+battery systems which replace traditional fossil fuel alternatives such as portable generators. NUE emphasizes mobility as well as field serviceability to maximize the usable life of our products. Advantages of NUE's products include SPEED of deployment, SIMPLICITY of the technology and SUSTAINABILITY of the solution.

Contact Information:
Paul Shmotolokha
[email protected]
+1 (202) 285-3371

Original Source: New Use Energy Launches SunCase Line for a Tough and Portable Power Solution
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