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Military Coup d’Etat in Niger

The United States has concluded that a military coup d’etat has taken place in Niger.  Pursuant to section 7008 of the Department of State’s annual appropriations act, the United States is suspending most U.S. assistance to the government of Niger.  On August 5, the United States temporarily paused certain foreign assistance programs to the government of Niger, totaling nearly $200 million.  That assistance is now also suspended pursuant to section 7008 of the Department of State’s annual appropriations act.  We also note the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s suspension of all assistance to Niger, including all preparatory work on its $302 million Niger Regional Transportation Compact and all new activity on its 2018 Compact. 

We underscore that we will maintain our life-saving humanitarian, food, and health assistance to benefit the people of Niger.  The United States also intends to continue to work with regional governments, including in Niger, to advance shared interests in West Africa.

We stand with the Nigerien people in their aspirations for democracy, prosperity, and stability. Since the coup, we have supported the Economic Community of West African States’ efforts to work with Niger to achieve a return to democratic rule.  Any resumption of U.S. assistance will require action by the National Council for Safeguarding the Homeland to usher in democratic governance in a quick and credible timeframe.

The United States reiterates its call for the release of Mohamed Bazoum, his family, and all those detained.

Official news published at https://www.state.gov/military-coup-detat-in-niger/

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