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FunderPro Launches a Funded Account Challenge, where traders can scale up to $5 million with Unlimited Trading Time and Real Funds

Gary Mullen

Gary Mullen, FunderPro CEO

FunderPro, a fast-emerging global proprietary trading firm, has announced the launch of its highly anticipated trading challenge with a unique concept of unlimited trading time and real funding on an STP account once funded. Brought to market by Red Acre Group - a next-generation fintech conglomerate with technology at the core of its operational ecosystem.

The FunderPro Trading Challenge is a unique opportunity for traders around the world to put their trading skills to the test and compete in a 2-step evaluation process for real capital, with funded trading accounts of up to $200,000 on offer. Once funded, traders are able to scale their account up to $5 million, retaining 80% of the profits. The company's STP model ensures faster processing speeds and no conflicts of interest between the trader and the firm. 

As part of the launch, the company is presenting the FunderPro World Tour which will be a series of Live educational seminars and meet and greets in major cities worldwide. The first will be in Manilla this month - offering a unique learning experience for traders of all levels including an introduction to prop trading, top tips and in-platform trading with the experts. These events will accommodate everyone who loves to trade - from seasoned investors and money managers to new and aspiring traders. 

"The FunderPro Trading Challenge is a game-changer in the world of prop trading," says FunderPro CEO Gary Mullen. "We've worked hard to create a challenge offering real value for the trader - eliminating all the complicated trading rules and unlimiting their time to complete the challenge. We are excited to offer top traders from around the world the opportunity to showcase their skills and compete for real capital gains. With the resources we are providing, we believe that this competition will also help traders improve their trading skills and achieve better results. And best of all - by being an STP, if they earn, we earn!"

The FunderPro Trading Challenge is open to all traders, regardless of experience level or location. Participants can register for the competition by visiting the FunderPro website and signing up for an account. 

For more information, visit funderpro.com where top traders get funded. 

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Original Source: FunderPro Launches a Funded Account Challenge, where traders can scale up to $5 million with Unlimited Trading Time and Real Funds
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