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City of Fort Worth Partners With Blyncsy on Phase One of Automated, AI-Powered Asset Inventory

Blyncsy, Inc., a Bentley company, today announced that it has partnered with the City of Fort Worth Texas, in conjunction with an ongoing partnership with the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG), to automate the city’s asset management inspection process in the first of four phases.

Blyncsy leverages the power of artificial intelligence and crowdsourced visual imagery from dash cameras to provide automated near real-time situational awareness of the condition of roadways. This technology collects street-level imagery from over 800,000 accessible dash cameras nationwide and assesses the condition of assets in the images in as little as 60 seconds of a vehicle passing. Blyncsy can automatically inspect roadways and related equipment, permitted or unpermitted, and directly update public feeds and notify relevant authorities so that information is shared with road users in a timely fashion. Blyncsy will provide the City of Fort Worth with the ability to leverage this data in their operations.

With a real-time view of all of the city's streetlights, the condition and brightness of road signs, and the visibility of its paint lines, Fort Worth will be able to increase safety and efficiency for drivers, pedestrians, construction workers, and transportation employees, as well as provide critical data to advance the continuing development of autonomous vehicles and save significant costs from performing resource-intensive manual inspections.

"We recognized an opportunity to get near real-time inventory and condition assessments of our critical assets on our transportation network by leveraging Blyncsy's AI technology,” said Fort Worth's Assistant Director of Transportation and Public Works Monty Hall.

“Having this information available to virtually identify issues on the network will allow the city to quickly respond to failed assets integral to the safety and efficiency of our transportation network."

Roadway management is a significant logistical and financial challenge for transportation agencies, with safety and financial implications for everyday motorists and the cities that serve them. Promoting preventative maintenance strategies for road maintenance is vital in preserving the life span of resources. Blyncsy’s proprietary technology creates a digital twin of every road, allowing the city to virtually identify issues that normally would require humans to visually inspect and assess. 

The procurement was initiated by the Technology and Innovation program area in NCTCOG’s Transportation Department. The TxSHARE procurement is a cooperative procurement that public entities around the country can use in lieu of having to do their own procurement. This allows the rest of the nation to harness this innovation that is being accelerated in the Dallas metro area, saving taxpayers money and improving the safety and reliability of their roadways.  

“NCTCOG has single handedly enabled the rest of the nation to activate and utilize this powerful new tool that will drive efficiency and improve safety on the interstate highway system,” said Mark Pittman, Blyncsy CEO and Bentley’s Director of Transportation AI. “Blyncsy allows all roadway operators to automatically inspect their roadways and communicate roadway conditions to the traveling public, human or automated drivers alike.” 



Blyncsy is the industry leader in providing intelligent roadway insights, automated asset management and a near real-time status of road infrastructure to local governments and state departments of transportation. Blyncsy utilizes crowd-sourced dash camera footage from over 800,000 vehicles already on the roads, machine learning and artificial intelligence to make roadways smarter, safer, more equitable and more efficient. Blyncsy provides Departments of Transportation with the data they need to make better decisions when it comes to traffic, safety, and health. 

Contact Information:
Mark Pittman
[email protected]

Original Source: City of Fort Worth Partners With Blyncsy on Phase One of Automated, AI-Powered Asset Inventory
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