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Producer Anthony Jabre Currently in Production on New Projects ‘Boiling Point’ and ‘Ire’

Anthony Jabre, CEO of Vedette Finance, a premier film development and finance company, has most recently been filming new project 'Ire' and is also currently in post-production with regards to 'Boiling Point'.

Producer Anthony Jabre Currently in Production on New Projects ‘Boiling Point’ and ‘Ire’
Anthony Jabre

Anthony Jabre, CEO and Founder of Vedette Finance

LOS ANGELES - October 20, 2020 - (Newswire.com)

'Ire' marks Ross McCall's directorial debut, starring Craig Fairbrass, Stephen Odubola, and Jason Flemyng, and tells the story of life in prison for Steve (Fairbrass), who is incarcerated for double murder in a maximum-security prison. We follow as he navigates his struggle against redemption, the system, and his inner turmoil. His life is made even more difficult when his estranged daughter requests to meet him for the first time and a 19-year-old man (Stephen Odubola) is placed as his cellmate. 

Amongst the other projects on Jabre's upcoming film slate is 'Boiling Point'. The feature film adapted from the award-winning short film is directed by Philip Barantini, starring Stephen Graham, recently in Martin Scorsese's 'The Irishman.' Other actors include Jason Flemyng, Vinette Robinson and Ray Panthaki. 'Boiling Point' is about a chef, played by Stephen Graham, who tries to keep his restaurant functioning on the busiest day of the year in the run-up to Christmas. 

Other projects in development include, the martial arts project  '14 Fists' and crime thriller 'Rites of Men'. Producer and financier Anthony Jabre founded L.A.-based Vedette Finance, a film development and finance company, with the objective to develop its premium-value slate and maintain a steady output of high-quality film releases. Previously based in London, Paris, and Geneva, Anthony Jabre began his career in private banking, managing private clients' funds and FX currency trading. He has worked alongside a variety of major financial institutions, including Credit Suisse, UBS, Prudential Bache, Credit Agricole, and Merrill Lynch. In turn, Anthony Jabre has developed long-standing relationships with both private and institutional clients. Since moving to Los Angeles and focusing on film finance, Jabre continues to steadily expand Vedette Finance's film fund and creative intellectual property, heading numerous projects in all stages of development.

Some of Anthony Jabre's past film credits include 'The Angriest Man in Brooklyn' starring the late Robin Williams, Mila Kunis, Peter Dinklage, Melissa Leo, 'The Face of an Angel' starring Daniel Brühl, Kate Beckinsale, Valerio Mastandrea, 'Heist' starring Robert De Niro, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Dave Bautista, 'Aftermath' starring Arnold Swarzenegger, Scoot McNairy, Maggie Grace; and Martin Scorsese's 'Silence' starring Liam Neeson, Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver. 

About Anthony Jabre

Anthony Jabre founded Vedette Finance, a premier film development and finance company with a wide range of international networks in finance and intellectual property, and continues to produce a diverse range of film projects. For additional information about Vedette Finance and upcoming film projects, contact [email protected].

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Anthony Jabre

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Oak Trust’s Referral Program Gives Clients a Chance to Earn Rewards

Oak Trust's Referral Program Will Benefit Its Clients Financially

Oak Trust’s Referral Program Gives Clients a Chance to Earn Rewards
Paycron Offer Referral Program

Paycron Launched Referral Program

OLDSMAR, Fla. - September 29, 2020 - (Newswire.com)

Known as the best payment processing providing solutions company, Paycron, apart from its reliable merchant services and eCheck services, gives its customers delightful surprises time and again. Once again, it is back with something that will impress the customers and in a quite different way, as this time the update is completely different.

Some time back, Oak Trust launched its Referral Program, which aims at sharing profits with clients who support the company in expanding its reach to more and more customers. Under this program, clients who refer Paycron to other businesses get a percentage of profits Paycron generates from business through these referred businesses. As understood, this is possible only when the referred businesses turn into clients. 

Paycron has never done anything like this before and is hopeful about receiving some positive response. The program is in no way a step to push clients towards bringing business for the company but a healthy business strategy that is favorable for all the parties. Talking about the services, the client-oriented organization is planning to improve them even more and serve the clients better, which will enhance the relationship between the two and help them both to engage in some really promising long-term business. 

Not many know that other than the services mentioned on Paycron's website, the company also has some wonderful technology-based payment processing products. Depending on the needs, a business can choose the product it finds suitable, no matter if it is a common business or risky, as the company has solutions for low-, medium- and high-risk businesses. 

All in all, this Referral Program is a chance for businesses to seek best payment solutions and side by side make some profits, which will eventually make them get their service at a lesser price. 

Contact Information:
Oak Trust
[email protected]

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Cognitive Talent Partners Appoints Abba Manchanda as Partner & Head of US Operations

Abba Manchanda joins Cognitive Talent Partners as Partner & Head of US Operations NEW YORK - July 24, 20...

Paycron’s eCheck Services for Improved, Hassle-Free Payments

Comprehensive eCheck Payment Processing For Small, Medium & Large Businesses

Paycron’s eCheck Services for Improved, Hassle-Free Payments
eCheck Payment Processing

Secure eCheck payment processing for your business.

CLEARWATER, Fla. - July 22, 2020 - (Newswire.com)

Paycron Inc., a payment processing company, is focused on providing a long-lasting payment solution that aligns with the flexible demands of businesses. For this reason, Paycron has been improving every aspect of its eCheck services, be it faster set-ups, security, accessibility or fraud control. Paycron aims to support small and high-risk businesses from the hassle of credit card payment processing by offering them a sound alternative: eCheck.

Paycron's eCheck payment processing services are currently availed by a number of small, medium and other high-risk businesses which is helping them to avoid unnecessary expenses and being able to receive payments from any corner of the world. Echecks end the need for paper and digitize the conventional checks to enhance their accessibility and usage. Echecks have grown as a viable payment option overtime. They pose several benefits which are hardly provided by other payment methods. Here's a quick glance at the benefits it can provide to businesses in the short and long-run:

1. Simple, fast, free, same-day set-ups.
2. Fast & convenient payment processing system. 
3. Secure, multiple levels of authorizations to prevent fraud.
4. Automated emailed receipts and payment records.
5. Paycron live chat & email support to merchants.
6. No hidden fees and undisclosed costs or cancellation fee. 
7. No third party integration or hardware needed. 
8. Accurate & instant next-gen payment technology.  

New businesses and several established ones are realizing the potential that eCheck services offer regarding the ease of payment processing services. They are no more an option rather a necessity for all kinds of businesses. In a scenario where the frequency and intensity of payment frauds are increasing, eCheck can be the solution to minimizing chargebacks and potential 'friendly fraud chargebacks' too. They cover all bases concerned with security and detecting fake transactions.

Paycron has been involved with eCheck services for quite some time now and is thorough enough to guide business owners about any unforeseen problems and obstacles. With Paycron, businesses entrust payments in the experienced hands of a seasoned payment processor that delivers nothing but the best to its clients. 

Businesses finding difficulty in hiring a payment processor partially because of the nature of their industry, can opt for eChecks. They can be a great payment outlet for high-risk businesses and start-ups. For comprehensive information about Paycron's eCheck service and how the technology works, visit www.paycron.com. 

About Paycron
Payment Inc. is a payment processor that is among the few who offer eCheck services. It delivers innovative, secure and flexible payment solutions for businesses, irrespective of their size or industry. Paycron is a premium service provider of integrated payment solutions and POS payment processing solutions including payment gateway accounts, credit card machines and terminals, eChecks and merchant account credit card processing. It offers customizable, groundbreaking solutions backed up by 24/7 technical support and services.

Contact Information:
Paycron INC
Process Head
[email protected]
(800) 982-1372

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Pan-American Prosperity Institute June 11 Webinar: ‘QUO Vadis Brazil?’ to Discuss Liberty, Current Politics in Brazil With the Honorable Prince and Congressman Luiz Philippe...

NEW YORK - June 10, 2020 - (Newswire.com)

​​​​​​​The Pan-American Prosperity Institute, a non-profit organization that seeks to foster a closer relationship among countries in the American continent and to increase the exchange of ideas, values, businesses and people that promote prosperity in the region, has been closely monitoring the political developments in Brazil, given recent signs of political instability. This development has been under gestation as soon as Jair Bolsonaro was elected president. 

The Bolsonaro administration seems to be facing a concerted attack from the political establishment that appears to favor left-leaning visions for Brazil. This vision posits strengthened regulations, income distribution and attacks against freedom of speech. Given the predominance of this vision in most institutions, an environment of stalemate and of overreach has consolidated. And, contrary to the popular belief, most of the overreach has not been caused by the executive power, but by the legislative and judicial powers.

Brazil also lacks independent media. Foreign and local interests predominate in media. These interests favor statism, rent extraction and limitations to free speech. Governments usually controlled the media through generous procurement of advertising revenues. The Bolsonaro administration did away with the practice. As a result, most media have turned against its policies. This has provoked a stampede away from traditional media and into digital platforms, as Brazilians seek to be better informed. 

As alternative media flourished in the same time that some traditional media outlets started to lose credibility, by 2014, libertarian and conservative thinkers and activists began to populate and then lead cyber space, developing strong followings. These activists, however, are now being harassed on account of their opinions about the Supreme Court’s lack of impartiality. 

As a direct result from the traditional lack of media independence, Brazilians came to cherish social media channels run by political activists since 2014. Most of them had either a conservative or liberal perspective and some became politicians in the 2018 elections. Under the pretense of investigating "fake news," the Supreme Court is now impinging upon the freedom of expression in Brazil. Liberal and conservative activists are being summoned by the federal police to subject themselves to an interrogation that violates Miranda rights and other democratic procedures.

In light of these developments, the Pan-American Prosperity Institute would like to invite everyone who is interested to watch the “QUO VADIS BRAZIL?”​ online panel discussion, where the honorable Luiz Philippe Braganca, congressman and member of the Brazilian Imperial Family, will discuss all the topics mentioned above. The webinar will be broadcast online via YouTube on Thursday, June 11, at 6 p.m. ET at the following address: ​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7j5yVBYm3w&feature=youtu.be.

Andre Nunes
[email protected]

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Original Source: Pan-American Prosperity Institute June 11 Webinar: 'QUO Vadis Brazil?' to Discuss Liberty, Current Politics in Brazil With the Honorable Prince and Congressman Luiz Philippe Braganca Pan-American Prosperity Institute June 11 Webinar: ‘QUO Vadis Brazil?’ to Discuss Liberty, Current Politics in Brazil With the Honorable Prince and Congressman Luiz Philippe Braganca

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